You’ve Got Questions? Here are Six Big Answers

I have a weekly podcast and some of my recent interviews have got me wondering… what is really possible? Is it possible that aliens are communicating with some of us here on earth? What about dead people? Is it possible that you can affect your experience – and even fate – by the thoughts that you think? Do we really have unlimited potential? Can life be easy, meaningful and abundant? Why are we all dealt different hands by fate? Why must we suffer?

The one thing I do know for sure is that we will most likely never know the answers to all of the questions above, at least not definitively. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not important to ask each and every one of those questions, and to keep seeking the answers.

Although we can only truly comprehend a small slice of reality, it is in the asking of these unanswerable questions that we start to glimpse the big picture – the important picture – the essence of why we are here, on this planet, in the first place.

And, since the answers to the biggest questions can only be based on our experience, the experience of our teachers and mentors and on anecdotal evidence, let me give you my take on the “unknowable” questions.

  1. Aliens – I’m going to go with “probable to likely” that they exist and even that they are able to communicate with us. Talking with Tracy Farquhar was extremely eye-opening and convincing. The book she co-authored with Mike Dooley comes out May 7 and I can’t wait to read it!
  2. Dead people – I believe that there are planes that parallel our own and that spirits inhabit those planes and sometimes cross over. In my opinion, there are too many unexplained instances that I’ve heard about, and I’ve witnessed mediums channeling messages that are just too accurate to be anything but real. I’m going to go with an “extremely likely” on this one.
  3. Can your thoughts become things? Oh yeah, baby. No less a thinker than Albert Einstein believed this and I absolutely do too. I’ve seen it so often in my life and in the lives of people around me. It’s not easy to get a handle on your thoughts, especially as things get murky when your emotions and “story” starts getting involved, but this is so very true. In my mind, this one is at 100% accurate.
  4. Do all of us have unlimited potential? Yes, but within certain parameters. Do I have the potential to become a pro football player? Well, probably not… But I’ve also never had the desire to go in that direction. In my opinion we are drawn instinctually towards that where we have the greatest potential. Now, someone may truly love football and really and truly have the desire to become a pro player but never really make it big in the field. BUT maybe playing the game is only PART of that person’s ultimate fate (or way that he will present the world with his biggest and best gifts). Maybe that person will one day become an amazing coach, sports anchor or writer. There are many paths to fulfillment and we are guided and driven to reaching our highest calling.
  5. Can life be easy and abundant? I can’t think of a better person to answer that question than Flow expert Justin Faerman. Check out this podcast and start accepting the fact that yes, it really CAN be easy.
  6. The last two can be combined, I think. Why are we dealt different hands by fate, and why must we suffer? Well, I don’t know the whole answer to that, but I do have some insight into truths that may be helpful. Whether you are given your start in life in a difficult (or even terrible) situation, or whether you’ve been affected by unthinkable tragedy, those experiences shape who you are and create layers of meaningful nuance in your character. The experiences also help you create the gifts that you’re then able to give back to the world, whether you’re helping someone in a similar situation or whether you’re able to extrapolate some wisdom out of our experience that can be shared with others. This podcast with Kim Perone is very relevant to this topic.

And there you have it… answers to some of the big questions, as interpreted by me and shared by some of my guests and teachers. I think at the end of the day we all have to find our own answers and our own way to accept what is true and what is possible, but perhaps this will help you get started along the path.

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