Why Use Video Marketing for Your Small Business?

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Videos are some of the most effective marketing tools today. Customers find them attractive, relatable, and relevant. They are highly effective at capturing and retaining the client?s attention. Small Businesses especially can benefit from the value and engagement that video provides.

So, how can this form of marketing be useful to your small business?

Boosting Conversion Rates and Sales

Using a?targeted?video content strategy, you will not struggle to?boost your conversion rates and sales. Therefore, be ready to make serious money and become wildly popular. A landing page that contains a video is capable of?increasing conversions by as much as 80 percent.

Amazing ROIs

Videos offer amazing returns on investment (ROI). They guarantee the best results based on what you spend. They are a worthy investment when done correctly.?All it takes is a bit of planning, a great video marketing team, and a smartphone to begin seeing your conversions soar.
Research shows that?businesses publish on average 18 videos per month?according to this?HubSpot Infographic. That is close to 1 video per work day.?Do not, however, place too much emphasis on producing perfect videos. Instead, focus on the content and solving problems for your target audience.

Building Trust with Clients

Videos are perfect for building trust with your customers. Most times, clients find it easier to relate with brands that produce videos. Trust is the foundation of any business relationship, especially if you are a small business that is just getting acquainted?with your buyers. To do this, ?Use video to highlight your team, show your community involvement, outline your mission and vision as a company, and show off your well-earned testimonials.?

Search Engines Love Videos

Google ? and all the other major search engines ? love videos. They reward marketers who use videos to pass messages across. Visitors on your site tend to spend more time browsing through your pages while engaged in one of your videos, improving your reach and?validating your relevance to search engines.?
The likelihood of showing on the?first results page increases 53 times when you feature videos.

Popular with Mobile Phone Users

Mobile users love videos.?Today, there is a?233% increase in mobile video views. Businesses can take advantage of this trend and reach people on their mobile devices, while they are at work or at leisure.?Video is the easiest content to consume on a smartphone or smaller device.
Tip:?Include?text in your video?as many viewers watch with the sound off.

Videos are Ideal for Explanations

You have a higher and better chance of reaching out to your customers with a message they understand when?using videos to explain your product, service or process.Explainer videos are popular with more than 98% of all video viewers, meaning they value the effort that you are taking to produce the videos and provide the answers they are looking for.
There are many ways to create an entertaining?explainer video.?If your subject is difficult to explain and low on the likeability scale, you can easily narrate or animate your videos to add more emotion or pizzaz. Use emotion, drama or humor to draw in your audience and keep them engaged.

Popular with Lazy Buyers

Today, your business will engage with many lazy buyers. Such buyers are a difficult lot to market to without videos. They are not interested in your long-form content, they want to know quickly and easily how your product or service can solve their problems.?Video allows them to listen or watch while they are multi-tasking.?Additionally,?video gives them a deeper glimpse into your businesses without needing to visit your about us page, removing another click in their buyers’ journey.

Vidoe Marketing For Small Businesses = Conversions & ROI

If you have small businesses or any business for that matter, video can work for you.?Using a mix of written and video content, you will surely attract more customers and do so in the way they feel the most comfortable engaging with your brand.?There really isn’t a down-side to video marketing.?Video marketing is affordable, easy to produce and has outstanding ROI.?
Nicole Standish?is the President of Charm Digital Media.? As a digital media consultant, Nicole helps businesses attract and convert online business.? Nicole evaluates existing digital resources and strategies; develops campaigns to reach targeted audiences, and optimizes?marketing channels to reach and exceed sales goals. Follow Charm Digital Media on Facebook at?Charm Digital Media?and Twitter at?@CharmThem
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