Why is this Not Working???

Her voice tightened with frustration. “I do everything right. I’m optimistic. I work hard. I stay positive, but then I look at where I’m at in life and I think I should be so much further along with my career, finances, everything. What’s wrong with me?”

“I’m glad you’re the only one who has ever felt that way…” is what I wanted to say to her.

That would have been sarcastic, of course. In the very kindest way. Because, honestly, who among us has not had that exact same thought? I certainly have. Running a business that struggled and hobbled along for years, I have frequently felt frustrated.

“I’m doing my visualizations, I’m staying positive, I’m clearing out limiting beliefs. God knows I’m working hard. I truly believe clients will sign contracts, checks will show up in the mail, and the money will come. Yet, the reality I see is not matching up with all those positive beliefs.”

Years ago when my company was literally on the verge of collapse I would have done almost anything to avoid some of the things I ended up having to go through. These were painful, difficult and embarrassing things. There is no way I would have chosen to go down that bumpy path, yet it’s the exact path that led to so many amazing experiences. It led me to writing my book, starting my podcast and reinventing my company.

That crazy, challenging and difficult road was raw and nasty and painful, but there were also moments of incredible beauty, insights and revelation. I would not have willingly chosen to walk along that road, but now, looking back, it was exactly the right path for me.

Which brings me back to my friend who desperately wanted to know why the law of attraction wasn’t working. The thing is, it is working – just to a grander plan than you can see right now. I wanted my prizes years ago, when I was in the worst of the struggle, but as it turns out, continuing on that journey not only taught me invaluable lessons, but it also laid the groundwork for even bigger rewards than I could have imagined before.

And therein lies the truth. You are in exactly the right place. Right now. Congratulations. You’re doing it!

Even if you can’t yet see the rewards or the big picture, the Universe is conspiring to help you. Your job is simply to continue getting clearer about what it is that you really want, and continuing to move along your journey (for goodness sake, if you’re on the ugly road, don’t opt to stay there: keep going!).

If I would have gotten what I thought I wanted years ago (short term relief from debt and other financial worries) I never would have gotten to the place where I am now, where I’m poised for much bigger and better success that not only has more potential than what I had before, but which is also more aligned with my personal mission and long-term goals.

So, instead of getting frustrated because we may not be seeing immediate results of our visualizations and positive energy work, we should learn to appreciate how far we’ve already come, and to eagerly anticipate where we’re going without ever judging where we are in any negative way. Where we are is simply where we are. Appreciate it, but keep looking toward the future that you most desire, for that is exactly where you’ll end up.



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