Uniquely You

As I was preparing the show notes for an upcoming podcast, I clicked on one of the videos that was recommended by the person who was interviewed in the podcast, Stephanie Blackbird. Stephanie recommended this video, among several other videos and books (be sure to check out her podcast in a few weeks as it is a treasure trove of information). But anyway, I had never seen this TED Talk, and really didn’t intend to watch the whole thing, but I was mesmerized start to finish.

How many of us go through life never truly embracing our true selves and our true purpose? That is the central question that Caroline McHugh asks in this video. And it’s one that is well worth contemplating. What is it that you are truly being called to do in this lifetime? And how are you showing up to be the best version of yourself? Those are questions that I think we, as humans MUST ask. I really think it is our duty to not only ask but also to be able to receive the answers.

One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert, also posted a beautiful and thought-provoking mini-essay on her Facebook page recently. It is called “Is Your Soul Appalled” and I highly recommend that you read it. If you’re not following her yet, I recommend going onto Liz’s Facebook page and scrolling down to find the post. You’ll be glad you did. This is important and it’s time for us to embrace authenticity, joy and to let our true voices be heard. It’s not just our right, but it’s our duty to humanity to give our gifts to the world in the way that only we can. To the world and to ourselves. How are you showing up today?

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