Tribe it Up

The other day I had lunch with my friend and fellow entrepreneur. We spoke candidly about some of the challenges in our respective businesses, and as we were getting ready to leave the restaurant she said to me, ?I?m so relieved that I?m not the only one who goes through this stuff.?
That statement struck a cord with me because so often as entrepreneurs and small business owners we do feel like we have to figure everything out on our own, and that can be a very lonely position to take. The truth of the matter is, we have more in common than we realize. Even though we may be running businesses in different industries with our own very specific challenges, on a slightly higher level we are all the same.
We face issues and questions around cash flow, sales, employee recruitment and retention. We have to pay attention to marketing, advertising, culture and reputation. As our companies grow we most likely have a team in place to assist with many of these items, but ultimately, as a small business owner, the buck does stop with us.
But that doesn?t mean we have to go it alone.
Taking the time to intentionally seek out and build a support network for yourself is, I believe, key for the success of a business. At a minimum you may want to consider hiring a business coach or a mentor, but beyond that setting up a ?mastermind? group of trusted peers will help you to keep challenges ? and successes ? in perspective.
Elin Barton is the President of White Knight Productions and the host of the podcast, Ready, Set, Grit. ?Her first book, Ready, Set, Grit: How to Turn Your Daydream Into a Phenomenal Success, will be released in the Fall of 2017.

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  1. Dear El,
    Hey I finally got around to reading this article you wrote.
    Super and I couldn`t agree more. And not only in business.
    I have lived in more than four different countries now and
    a support group, not only mentors but peers, is important.
    For me it is important to help me keep my bitterness, feelings
    of ???not belonging??? to the country or its people. For generations,
    some people have chosen to visit shrinks or self-help groups for
    deeper work on the inside. But what you are talking about are ???hard and soft???
    facts about just trying to exist in this world with some of those various ???hats???
    we wear: businesswoman, mother, wife, expat ??? human. It`s feels real good to
    not only be understood, but to know again and again ???we`re not alone??? on this
    planet. Some of us have our faiths, we perhaps are devout, pray and know that
    something, an angel, whatever you want to call it, is watching out for us.
    And many of us consider each other brothers and sisters we haven`t met yet.
    It`s a wonderful life. Sometimes apart. Sometimes together.
    Keep up your wonderful writing El. You know you have one of your biggest fans,
    and always have, in me.


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