Trailblazing is Better Together

It’s International Women’s Day this week so let’s talk about women and the role that we have in shaping a new world order. I’m not talking about politics, per se, although that may be a part of it. What I am referring to is that as women we have an opportunity to really step fully into our spiritual and intellectual selves, and to be the change we are looking for in the world, so to speak.

One of the effects of the election that has become obvious to me is that people are starting to understand the need to make a difference where and how you can. There’s no more room for complacency… no more “it’s not my problem.” Because, I think, more than anything, recent events have shown that it’s all everyone’s problem. We are all connected and need to realize that at one time or another we are all going to need to be on both the giving and receiving end of help.

There is beauty in reciprocity and collaboration. There is a collective strength that is bestowed upon us as we celebrate each other’s victories and help nurse each other’s wounds.  There is the perfect symbiosis of inner strength and quiet nurturing that are instinctual in women and this is a big part of what the world needs more of these days.

Yes, our collaboration certainly extends to men and all of us working together to heal is the way to real change, but let’s support more women coming forward, letting their voices be heard, growing their financial resources, their businesses and their own personal strength to the point where they can contribute to society’s highest good.

I truly believe that female equality and leadership is the way forward to everyone’s higher good. We’re getting there, but are definitely not yet at a place where we can even consider stopping the momentum. There’s important work to be done, and that’s what I celebrate and salute this Wednesday as we honor women from all around the planet.  Let’s go do this thing, ladies, and let’s bring the whole tribe along with us, for we really are stronger together.

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  1. Yes! ..and let us all maintain a hypervigilance to any and all attempts to divide us and pit us against each other. There has always been historical efforts to encourage suspicion and competition between women to keep them from working together, because the power in that is so immense. We must stand and stay United.

    1. So true, Victoria! It seems more important than ever before, given the political and social climate, to keep spreading this message. Thanks so much for reading the blog and for responding.

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