The Results are in? It?s Video Crisps for the Win

For years we have specialized in producing high-quality video content. I?ve always been proud of our storytelling abilities and our expertise and attention to the technical quality of our craft ? the lighting, the color, the sound?
I don’t think there are many people who would dispute that our team is known for their professionalism and skills, and also for their dedication to producing excellent content and to customer satisfaction.
The thing is, video production is more complicated than most people realize and traditionally the cost of professional production has reflected this fact. At White Knight we knew we could help more people create great video content if we could just get that price point down.
We’ve also extensively studied the mounting evidence that proves video is the most powerful medium for engaging your audience and attracting new clients to your business. There are hundreds of statistics to back up that claim ? from the one that tells us that social media posts with video are 1200% more likely to be shared or that people are twice as likely to buy a product once they watch a video about it.
Moreover, we know that these days a company?s values, culture and brand is more important than ever before in creating an engaged and active audience. Every company out there would love to have fans that are so excited about the brand they can?t wait to recommend it to all of their friends. Video can help to create this kind of engagement ? with consistent and well thought-out messaging, which is exactly what the Video Crisps do.
Our Video Crisp clients get fresh, custom-created video content delivered to them every month, with a minimal investment of time and money, and so far people love this program! We?ve helped all kinds of companies, from colleges to financial services firms to pet sitters, and across the board we are hearing reports of positive feedback, a broader reach and higher rankings in the search engines.
It?s just one more piece of evidence that proves why video should play an important role in any marketing strategy. What are you doing to create a highly engaged audience today?
You can learn more about our program, see examples and read what people are saying about working with us at this link:

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