That’s My Card!

Did you ever have something happen – a coincidence that is so unlikely that it seems to be a sign that you’re on the right track with whatever it is that you’ve been doing? Today I had an experience just like that.
I was on a monthly mastermind call with some women I had met at a workshop two years ago. I was telling them the story about how I was recently at a friend’s birthday party and another friend was reading everybody’s “Angel Cards.”
“These cards are intended to give you guidance,” she explained as all the members of the birthday party picked out their cards. I was sure mine would be something to do with abundance, business growth or something along those lines but instead I got “Play”.
As I was explaining that while I had initially been disappointed by the “Play” card, it actually was the perfect card for me, Michelle asked if we remembered the words of encouragement we had written on blank cards at the workshop. After we wrote them they were randomly distributed amongst the attendees.
I had forgotten all about those cards, but Michelle had actually pinned hers right above her desk. She told our group, “I look at my card every day. I love it so much and it’s really a message that’s perfect for me. I’ve shown it to so many people who have told me they were jealous they didn’t get this card.”
“What does the card look like?” I asked. “I can’t find mine.”
Michelle snapped a picture and texted it to me. I couldn’t believe it.
“Oh, my God. You got my card!”
Of the hundreds of people at the workshop somehow Michelle had picked the card I wrote and she had just shared what an influence this card had had on her. That was incredible enough, but then I re-read the message and one word particularly stood out to me: the word PLAY.
Here is the message I inadvertently wrote to Michelle, which just goes to show, you never know how you’re going to positively affect someone, or who you’re going to help (hint: it could even be yourself):
I love you for your beauty, kindness and killer sense of humor. Your wit, wisdom and courage is a shining beacon to everyone who crosses your path. I know you’re right on the cusp of creating the company you’ve always dreamed of.?
P.S. Remember to go out and PLAY!

Elin Barton is the President of White Knight Productions and the host of the podcast, Ready, Set, Grit. ?Her first book,?Ready, Set, Grit: A Three-Step Formula for Turning Your Daydream Into a Phenomenal Success, will be released early 2018. To find out more about how you can use video as a smart tool to grow your business?visit our website.

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