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It should be no surprise to hear that most first impressions these days take place on line, especially in the business world. When a company is considering doing business with an individual or another company, 99 times out of 100 they will look that other company up on line and will immediately start forming opinions about them.

When an entrepreneur is ready to make an Dynamic Upward Pivot they often have to take a good hard look at how they are portraying themselves and their business. If you’re not performing at the level you wish to be, there is a good possibility that your public persona – your brand – is not aligned with your long-term goals.

If you aspire to work with Fortune 500 companies and your website looks like it is stuck in 1997, then you need an update. If your on line persona is weak or doesn’t reflect the direction that you want to take your business in, then it’s time for an update.

Standard Box: $2,750
Present your best professional self with a professionally written and designed bio, professional headshots and a digital business card that includes a short video of you telling your story, and all of your contact information and social media links.

A Branding Package All About You

Show the world how fabulous and unique you are with a customized U-Box that’s got exactly what “U” need to tell your story and present the world with a polished and professional image. Like it or not, your brand story is already out there in the digital world, so why not take control of that story and elevate that image. Start with our basic box and customize it with the perfect add-ons to elevate your image and level up your brand, your business or your career.


What's Your Budget


Business Card
$25,000 Word
$5,500 $3,750 $2,750 $1,500 $1,875 $6,500


Premium Rebrand

2 day in person intensive at our offices: uncovering your brand story, bio and Linkedln tune-up, new cover art for your Linkedln, Twitter, Face book accounts, a landing page with your irresistible offer, a headshot, intro video.

Here’s an example of a video that tells a brand story of painter Andrea Eastman.


If you don’t have a brand or if you’re relaunching your product or service then a rebranding package may be right for you. You’ll receive a new logo and style guide, along with a brand story (a written explanation of what’s at the core of your brand – what your company stands for and what its core culture, ideal client and brand personality are).


We’ll spend up to a half a day together via video conference to discuss your business goals and review your public persona. We’ll discuss ways to improve your public-facing image and you’ll get a bio and Linkedln tune-up; a landing page with your irresistible offer and new cover art for your Linkedln, Twitter, Face book accounts.



Sometimes a complete brand overhaul isn’t needed; Rather, you just need a little tweaking. Logo refresh; style guide; cover art for Linkedln, Twitter and Face book.


A Video Business Card is a unique and effective way to introduce yourself to the world in a way that tells your story and conveys your unique personality. Link to your Video Business Card in your email signature or your Linkedln profile and make a lasting impression with people you’re looking to do business with. Whether you’re looking to work with corporations or small businesses, people do business with those who they like and trust. Accelerate that process when you provide a video introduction to your professional self. Your page can also include details such as links to your website and social meida, a short bio, and photograph!

25,000 WORD BOOK

Having your own book can elevate your position in the professional and speaking world, but actually writing- and finishing – that book can take years to complete, especially when you’re juggling other responsibilities too.

Instead of taking that time – and delaying the access and other benefits that having a book can give you – why not have one of our experienced writers work with you to uncover your story and write your book for you. The whole process can be complete within six months!

A 25,000 word book starts at just $6,500 including phone or Skype interviews with our writers, cover design, a full first draft of your book, which you can review and make edits to; a final draft delivered electronically, completely formatted and ready to sell on Amazon’s CreateSpace.

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