On Being Engaging

Engaging an Audience in Information Overload
How much information do you think we are exposed to in daily life?
This infographic below (shout out to DOMO) paints a good visual representation of what?s really going on, and keep in mind that these numbers show us the amount of information coming down every single minute. When you consider how many messages are competing for our attention on a regular basis, it?s easy to see that marketers have to always be playing their ?A-Game?.
So how best to cut through the clutter?

  • Keep messaging short, memorable and to the point
  • Tailor what you have to say for a specific audience
  • Draw your audience into the story with pictures and video
  • Make it easy to buy your product, connect with your team or contribute to your cause
  • Let your quirkiness out ? you?re never going to please everyone, so better to develop an enthusiastic niche audience than a lukewarm broad oneDataNeverSleeps_2.0_v2

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