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Elin Barton is a purpose-driven business leader, author and entrepreneur who believes in the power of story to elevate brands and individuals. Her vision is to create a virtual ecosystem where entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are supported by a strong community, regardless of geographic location, and where women and girls in particular can find empowerment, inspiration and guidance to forge their own unique path.

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Elin Barton is a Small Business Advocate, Speaker and Coach who helps business owners experience significant growth AND get their life back.

After finding herself struggling with managing a business, and drowning under nearly half a million dollars of debt, Elin knew she needed to find an entirely different approach in order to get herself back on track.

To weather the crisis Elin developed a system that led first to a mindset shift and then to a complete reversal of fortune. With the debt erased and a business operating at significant levels of profit, Elin now works with other entrepreneurs to help them find support and make their own transformations.

Elin is the author of Ready, Set, Grit: Three Steps to Success in Life, Business and the Pursuit of Happiness, and she is also the founder of The Boardroom – a virtual community for entrepreneurs.

In addition, Elin is at the helm of White Knight Productions, an award-winning marketing and video production team that works with corporate and agency clients nationwide.

Elin advocates for small business as part of the Goldman Sachs 10KSB Voices team and in her work on the NSBA Leadership Council. Elin serves on the NAWBO-NYC board and was a 2020 Enterprising Women Champion honoree.

In her free time Elin enjoys gardening, life with two boisterous dogs, and cooking for family and friends. She also is an enthusiastic traveler and loves exploring the world and learning about new cultures.

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