Life IS Good

The world can seem like a scary place these days. The political situation, hurricanes, earthquakes and rampant wildfires can make things feel apocalyptic. In fact, that was the message that was floating all over my Twitter feed this morning, in the wake of the Mexican earthquake and user-powerful Hurricane Irma. And it’s easy to get caught up in the chatter about impending doom, how horrible things are and how the end is nigh.

However, I beg of you: please stop. There is a better way to look at things, and the way I choose to see it, the world is not on the verge of self-destruction. Rather, we are on the precipice of reinvention and of a spiritual awakening.

In our personal lives many of us have experienced the need for certain things to collapse and fall apart before they can be rebuilt with true intention, bigger and better than before. It’s my belief that on some level the same thing is happening on a larger scale with the world. The scope of the matter is larger, but the solution is the same.

  1. Focus on what you do want. Whether it’s metaphorical or physical, the opportunity to rebuild a better, kinder, more environmentally-friendly world is upon us. Let’s pay attention to what we are creating and put some positive attention behind that.
  2. Gratitude. Anytime fear threatens to raise its ugly head you can always rely on gratitude to get you through. It’s true on a personal level and also on a global one.
  3. Kindness is free. Let’s find qualities to love and appreciate about one another. Let’s behave well towards our fellow humans and make the world better one tiny piece at a time. It’s free to be kind to people, to share a smile or a compliment. And while not free per se, it’s relatively cheap to treat the person behind you to coffee or to overtip your waitress the next time you eat out. Why not make someone’s day – it’s that easy.
  4. We’re all connected. The masses are easily swept into something like hysteria by negative news reports and too much social media. But it’s possible to counteract that by limiting your own time on your devices and raising your own vibe. As more of us start doing this the positive power will begin to overcome all the other noise.
  5. Faith. And finally, place your faith in the fact that everything is going to turn out great. I talked to a podcast guest for a future show yesterday and she shared a story about how she had every reason – every bit of evidence – to tell her that her own life was in the toilet. She was 57 years old, had just come to London with no money, no home and no job. The one thing she did have was an unwavering certainty that everything would be okay, and so it was. Rather than get caught up in fear and doubt, she remained open to the prospect of things working out perfectly. Today she is a successful business owner and television host and really is living her dream life.

And that’s exactly what the world needs now – each and every one of us to embrace these ideals and help raise the vibe of the planet. It seems to me that we’ve proven that the old way no longer serves us, so let’s move forward into a future that is kinder, brighter and more sustainable. But the only way we can get there is by doing it together. Won’t you join us?

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