I’ll Tell You a Secret

And that secret is, your customers don?t care about you.
Okay, that may have been a little harsh and it may be a slight exaggeration, but only a little one. The truth of the matter is, many companies spend their time talking about how great they are and how much they have to offer.
I know you?ve heard the pitches. They go something like this:

  • We have the best team.
  • We offer the best service.
  • Come and work with us and you?ll get the benefits of our new and shiny equipment/office/services.
  • We?re so much better than the competition

The thing is, your customers probably don?t care about all your bells and whistles. They don?t really care about your awards, accolades and your team. No offense, but they really don?t.
The truth is, what they do care about is how they?re going to feel if they decide to work with you. That?s it, so start shifting the story that you?re telling and turn it into one that they actually want to hear.
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