I Can’t Hear You

What does it mean to speak with an authentic voice, and how often are you using yours? A certain amount of courage is required to say what you think, wear what you want and be who you are.  When you reveal who you really are there is a level of vulnerability and the possibility of rejection. People might not like what you have to say, so maybe you don’t say anything at all. Or maybe you’re the joker, the class clown. You’re loud but have a thick shell built up around that core of authenticity.

Many of us started out life as pleasers and conformists. Even the kids who are loud and disruptive are usually, on some level, just looking for a way to get acceptance and to fit in. There are exceptions of course, but visit any high school and the vast majority of the kids will be  homogenous in their clothes, mannerisms and their actions. It’s ironic because the teenage years are when we all start to develop as individuals. But there is still some comfort in being part of the group, and in fact many people never break away from this need for acceptance.

Others feel drawn to self-expression but sometimes put those needs aside for the responsibilities of working or raising a family. We often delay celebrating who we really are until later in life, and sadly, some people never get there at all. Yes, it can be scary but it’s also important to allow your voice to come out. Repressing it can lead to depression and to substituting unhealthy habits for true fulfillment and satisfaction. And keeping your beautiful self hidden means that the world is not able to receive your light. You can’t truly live in your purpose if you’re not willing to truly be yourself.

Yes, everyone might not like you, but the more you get used to putting your true self out there the less you’ll care what those people who are not in alignment with you think. And another thing will happen too. You’ll start to attract people who authentically and truly are like you. Not the you who you are pretending to be, but the person who you truly are. And when that happens and those relationships and tribes start to form, that’s when some big magic can start to unfold.

If you don’t feel like your true self is being expressed yet then I challenge you to start today with a baby step – with one small thing that feels vulnerable and real and right. Do it, feel yourself empowered and then step up and do it again tomorrow and the next day. Before you know it, your voice will be the one that is singing to the world, and that’s the one that we’ve all longed to hear.

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