Feeling First, and Abundance Will Flow

Do you feel abundant right now, at this very moment? Are you experiencing the type of financial situation, loving relationships, and physical well-being that you want in your life? Are you surrounded by beauty in your home? Does your work make you happy? Do you feel like life just couldn’t get any better? If you answered no to any of these questions then it might be time to make some adjustments in your thinking so that abundance can flow to you more easily.

One of the great ironies of life is that while we all get to choose our own realities, very few of us are actually cognizant of this fact. Even fewer grasp the concept that we can all start experiencing greater abundance in our lives immediately by first simply choosing to focus on the blessings that we already have. Feel the abundance and you’ll naturally attract more of it, says the Law of Attraction. This change is one that you can make anytime, anywhere. You just have to make a decision that you’re going to experience a new reality, get excited about what you’re creating, then release any control over how the whole thing is going to happen. Practice gratitude, have faith in a positive outcome, and, importantly, listen hard to your intuition and act upon what it’s telling you.

Feel peaceful. Feel abundant. Feel well, and you will be taken care of. It’s easier to say than to do, perhaps, but the better we understand and practice this concept the more easily we can navigate through life, taking the twists and turns with ease.

This week on my podcast I talked to AnYes Van Rhijn who is a successful life and business coach who lives in London. Yet, just two short years ago, at age 58, AnYes had just arrived in the UK from France after leaving a toxic relationship. She was broke and homeless and really didn’t know how she was going to change her situation. The one thing about her story that really stood out to me was the fact that despite her circumstances AnYes had a determination and a certainty that things were going to work out for her. She doesn’t claim that she was never afraid, but she did not let that fear take over and become the predominant emotion. She practiced what we’re talking about here: feeling abundant and blessed. She worked hard, to be sure – following her intuition and developing a professional network from the ground up.

Today AnYes runs a thriving business and is the epitome of success, and she did so against the odds according to conventional wisdom but not against the odds of the Universe, because those odds are always stacked in your favor. What might you be able to manifest in your life if you were willing to feel your feelings of joy and abundance now? I think the possibilities are limitless and can’t wait to see what you’re going to create next.



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