EP89: Self Care for Business Growth with Katie Vaz

 Return RSG guest Katie Vaz has authored a new book, and this time it’s a whimsical illustrated book dedicated to the topic of self-care. Katie says that she got inspired to write and illustrate this book after years of dealing with her own anxiety. Her intention is that coping mechanisms that work well for her will also be useful to others.

Katie Vaz is an illustrator and hand-letterer based in Endicott, New York.  She designs her own line of greeting cards, prints, and other stationery products, which are sold both in her Etsy Shop and in brick and mortar shops across North America.  Visit her online at www.katievaz.com.

Katie studied graphic design (BFA) at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY and integrated design (MA) at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau, Germany. Katie is particularly bad at talking about her feelings, so she creates art that can do it for her.


On this Podcast We Discuss:

  • How self-care can help with stress and anxiety
  • The stories behind some of the topics in her book
  • Katie’s process for creating content and art
  • The challenges of a constricting schedule
  • Why taking time out for self-care is just as important as anything else you do for your business


Connect with Katie:

Special Offer for Listeners:

Free shipping on all domestic orders in my Etsy shop (www.katievaz.etsy.com) from Nov. 16th-18th for all Ready, Set, Grit listeners with coupon code READYSETGRIT2018.


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