EP77: Time to Tell Your Story with Deborah Ager

In this episode writer Deborah Ager talks about the process that she uses to help individuals create their own “brand story.” She also touches upon some of the successes her clients have experienced because of their books and how you can jumpstart your own book with her “Book Activation Worksheet”.

Deborah Ager discovered the power of brand stories when she launched a magazine in 2003, and the Yale library called her to buy a subscription. Since then, she’s helped clients clarify their message to connect with customers and grow their credibility and business. She’s the founder of Radiant Media Labs. Download the StoryLab Blueprint here.

e. deborah@radiantmedialabs.com

l. https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahager/

w. www.radiantmedialabs.com

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