EP70: It’s Your Career to Shape, with R.Shawn McBride

Speaker, author and attorney R. Shawn McBride talks about innovation, career pivots and the idea of helping people to do business differently while still staying true to their authentic selves.
R. Shawn McBride works with business leaders that want to do extraordinary things – particularly those that want to make sure their businesses take care of their families.
Shawn brings a philosophy of Do Business Differently(TM) and works with his clients to come up with unique ways to do business that works for his clients, their businesses and their loved ones.
As a long time attorney and licensed CPA Shawn has been brought into many of the toughest planning discussions. He’s worked the issues and seen all of the standard advice leads to one thing – average results. Shawn’s and his proprietary methods fights against average by allowing an exploration of where businesses need to forge their own path.
If you’re thinking about starting a new venture, take a look at Shawn’s free business plan template:
For more information about Shawn and his work, please visit:



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