EP69: Erin Andrews, Chocolate Queen

In this episode we hear from Indi Chocolate founder Erin Andrews as she tells the story about how she first got into chocolate making. We also learn what makes good artisanal chocolate worth it, and the lengths Erin goes to, to find the perfect cacao bean, as well as why it’s so important to her to help keep the small cacao growers in business. Please join us for a most delicious and informative episode of #readysetgrit!

Erin Andrews, founder of indi chocolate has been making chocolate for over 8 years. She started making chocolate because her daughters asked her where chocolate comes from. After taking them to Belize to show them that cacao grows on trees, she fell in love with the world of chocolate. Erin has been very creative in the ways she uses the cacao bean, she started indi chocolate with her amazing cacoa butter lotions. People come back to Pike Place Market every year for her all natural, luxurious lotions and she loves to see how chocolate makes people smile!

When Erin started making chocolate, small batch chocolate machines were not robust enough and would often break down, she spent as much time fixing machines as she did making chocolate. The Chocolate Refiner has been updated specifically for chocolate making and is built to last.  If you want to learn how to make chocolate check out our bean to bar chocolate classes

indi chocolate started in 2010 and opened up in Pike Place Market in 2013. Starting out as a small business is hard work, in order to be able to afford the equipment to make chocolate Erin Andrews started making body care to earn enough to buy chocolate making equipment. Hidden deep within the Market indi chocolate started to get a great reputation for its variety of wonderful products, fun after hour classes and our friendly staff.



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