EP61: Ken Fanger on Emotional Selling and Why it Matters

How does a self-proclaimed introvert come to embrace taking a lead sales role in his organization, and then go on to be so successful in that role that he’s closed more than $15 million in business? In this interview Ken Fanger talks about making the shift into authentic “emotional” selling, and explains why this is one of the most effective sales methods.

Mr. Ken Fanger has been a partner in On Technology Partners, a Technology Risk Management group for the past 22 years. In addition to providing Technology Risk Analysis he has been the primary sales person for the team. Over the years he has successfully closed over $15 million dollars of contracts and attended hundreds of sales meetings. Over the last year he has started to focus on the concept of Emotional Selling and how it can help people have a better sale. Ken holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Miami University and a Master of Business Administration from Michigan State University. With his educational work in Decision Science he understands the rational and emotional basis of decision making and how it can affect the choice to buy. Like many entrepreneurs Ken has to be able to change between the operational world and the world of sales; from these experiences he understands the struggle many entrepreneurs face to be successful.  He is currently working on a book to assist entrepreneurs to leverage the Emotional Sell to feel more empowered and grow their sales

Coming soon: emotionalsell.com  and my company site is ontechpartners.com.

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