EP6: Andy Grant – Happiness is a Choice

Andy Grant didn’t have an easy time growing up. In fact, he struggled so deeply that he actually attempted to end his life on multiple occasions. Finally one day Andy decided that enough was enough and that he was going to just go ahead and be happy. It may sound simplistic, but it worked. And although it was a long road from that place to where he is today, Andy has created an incredible life for himself and has a significant list of successes under his belt.

Andy is a best-selling author of seven books, award-winning speaker, world-class husband, filmmaker, photographer, transformational energy coach, Akashic Records reader, world traveler, actor and lifelong learner. Andy believes in living a life you love and creates books, workshops and presentations supporting that.

Andy also co-hosts the popular podcast, Real Men Feel, where men’s emotions, the way they talk about them and experience them, are the topics of the day.

You can find Andy’s books here.  Learn more about his podcast and get links to subscribe here and learn about Andy’s coaching, speaking and other services here.


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