EP57: Karin Bosveld and the Quest for Life’s Meaning

The answers to life’s biggest questions are within you if you’re able to get still and learn to listen. Learn how to stop getting in your own way and how to open yourself up to receiving greater abundance, happiness and a feeling of purpose. Listen as author, life coach and trainer Karin Bosveld explains that we all have the ability to achieve a higher vibration, if we just allow ourselves to be quiet and present.

Karin Bosveld (1966) is a facilitator of personal, professional and spiritual growth for professionals who work with people, through coaching, workshops and retreats.  She coaches on Zoom and in her cottage in the woods in the heart of The Netherlands.

Karin helps translate the language of the soul and build the trust and courage to live by its guidance. She is the author of three books on personal growth and spirituality and speaks on topics related to awareness and spirituality. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband Ron and dog Sophie.

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