EP54: On Overcoming and Giving Back with Dan Stover

How does someone go from a very challenging childhood to a mental health crisis and suicide attempt at age 19 to being a TED Talk speaker, corporate trainer and executive business coach who currently leads the West Coast office of Integrated Leadership Systems? Dan Stover shares his journey that led him from despair to purpose. The so-called coincidences and synchronicity he encountered along the way was nothing short of magical as you’ll hear in this engaging and enlightening interview.

Daniel Stover manages the west coast office for Integrated Leadership Systems from Los Angeles, California. He received his education from The Ohio State University where he studied Psychology, Criminology and Security & Intelligence. The core of his development and training was in cognitive-behavior psychology and mental health crisis intervention. Through this experience, he learned that his passion and purpose is to help others understand their emotions. 

Dan has concentrated this passion on working with companies ranging in size from 30 to 1,000 employees in ten states in multiple industries. Some examples of his clients are: law, tax and consultative accounting services, healthcare executives, physicians, construction and general contractors, technology entrepreneurs, pharmaceutical manufacturing, robotics manufacturing, university administration and wellness providers. 
The scope of Dan’s work in succession planning, team consulting, coaching, training and development provides insight into the core issues that keep an individual or team from performing at their highest level. Although the work is designed to address emotional intelligence, it is aimed to positively impact the bottom line. 
Dan is a community advocate and has served on multiple non-profit boards in the areas of mental health and community development in both Columbus, OH and as a volunteer in Los Angeles, CA.
In his free time, Dan’s activities are hiking, painting, sport-shooting, reading, writing and continuing his formal education.
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