EP53: A Dream, A Dog and Goals Realized with Jen Verharen

In 2016 Jen Verharen took the trip of a lifetime, spending six weeks with her family in Thailand. They returned from that trip with an additional family member – a dog named Joi who adopted them, and who now lives with Jen, her husband and son on Vashon Island, near Seattle. On this podcast hear the incredible story of how the “impossible” trip came to be, and how the family’s love story with this very special dog unfolded.

Here’s a short video of Joi demonstrating her tree-climbing skills:


Jen Verharen is a professional performance, career and life coach with more than 25 years of experience at her craft.

As an accomplished trainer and lifelong horse lover, Jen helps riders turn their dreams into goals and their goals into reality. She is a USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer, USDF “L” judge’s program graduate with distinction, USDF silver medalist and USPC graduate A. She has competed and trained at the upper levels in both dressage and eventing.

Along with being a passionate equestrian, Jen is a student of the human psyche and spirit. She has a BA in Organizational Psychology and Mental Health, is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified Transformational Life Coach and a trained mediator.

Jen has led countless successful coaching and leadership programs for corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals. Whether it’s in the saddle or in the workplace, Jen believes that high performance is the result of goal setting, intentional action, mental toughness and establishing healthy routines throughout all areas of your life.

Through working with Jen, you will learn how to leverage your fears, shift your thinking and develop powerful tools for getting into “the zone” so that you achieve your goals and grow as a rider, leader, or as an individual.https://jenverharen.com/

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