EP50: Energy, Healing and Reinvention with Martina Waidhas

After years in a traditional business atmosphere Martina and her husband Claus relocated to Croatia where they are building a home and retreat center. In this episode you’ll hear incredible case studies about how Martina has healed both people and animals with energy work – even from around the world! She explains her work with energy, healing and why happiness really is a choice.

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Martina’s Bio:

It was 50 years ago when I was born in Nuernberg, Germany. It was a typical German family with my father working and my mum taking care of me. I was feeling different from the very beginning. Talking to animals, loving nature and being more behaving like a boy than a girl.

I finished school and started being a professional cook. That’s where I started really loving food and to learn about the health benefits of food. But beside that there has always been this connection to animals. Knowing that they are our best teachers and guides by simply offering unconditional love. I recognized that the animals were seeking to be close to me and as soon as I focused on them they started feeling better.

So after a while I was taking some courses around food, health and alternative medicine for animals. Soon after that first people were reaching out asking for help as well. Long story short, I took more courses, educated myself in anatomy, physiology, pathology, brain science, epigenetics, quantum physics, osteopathy and energy psychology. I took the very best and helpful things to create my unique healing and coaching approach. End of 2016 we, my husband and I decided to take the business and all we have to a new level.

We moved to Croatia. We are building a house with apartments for rent. But not for normal tourists. No! There was this vision of a center of connection, of healing. A retreat center for health, happiness and wholeness. That’s where we are right now. Where I am right now. Waiting for the house to be finished to finally open our retreat center. Our, or better your holistic haven.

This place where all your needs around your body, your mind and soul will be covered and of course you can bring your animals to help also them or help you to get a better understanding and put your relationship to the next level.


Martina Waidhas

Ulica Tratice 44

23206 Sukosan


+49 171 451 88 28



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