EP5: Nancy Roberts on Taking Bold and Inspired Action

It’s fitting that Nancy Roberts calls herself the DISC Wizard these days. The way she’s reinvented herself and the way she has done so with integrity and intention makes for a fascinating story, and she’s done it all while remaining true to herself and her purpose. In this podcast Nancy talks to us about the importance of finding the courage to speak your truth and of committing to bold and inspired action. As we step forward in faith the Universe has a way of showing up and guiding us along our highest path, and Nancy’s life has been evidence of this on multiple occasions.

Nancy is a speaker, author and trainer who specializes in DISC assessments that help companies hire right the first time, saving management time, money and headaches. She also helps them to develop and grow a workplace culture that is conducive with productivity and job satisfaction. You can find out more about her work here.

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