EP49: How and Why to Fit Meditation into Your Busy Schedule

Meditation has been proven to help with anxiety, sleep disorders, stress and overwhelm. Hear some great tips and how-to’s from meditation coach Kirsten Pancras in this enlightening episode of Ready, Set, Grit. You’ll discover the benefits of incorporating a meditation practice into your life and how to actually make this happen in the midst of your busy schedule – even if you’re a mother of young children there is hope for you!

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for links to some of Kirsten’s fabulous free resources and to join her free meditation challenge which starts Dec 10!

Kirsten Pancras is a meditation and mindset coach for busy moms. Being a busy mom herself (two children, a job, her meditation business), she knows the challenge of finding me-time and she has made it her mission to help other busy moms find a moment of calm in the midst of the daily chaos.

Life’s challenges brought Kirsten on the path of healing, mindset and meditation. When she started creating her own “magical meditations” she knew she had found her path. Creating those meditations is really her passion! In her meditations she takes you to places where you can really relax and let go. You will feel a deep inner calm and a recharging of your energy levels.

Kirsten believes that everyone can live a life full of magic. You just have to know where and how to look for it. Magic can be found in the smallest things! Look for the magic around you, and you will find it! Kirsten lives in the Netherlands, a little north of Amsterdam, with her two children, her boyfriend and their two cats. She loves reading, a walk in the forest or on the beach, chocolate and she’s addicted to green tea.

Kirsten’s Free Meditation Challenge – Starts Dec 10

Free Meditation Package

A Short and Easy Guide to Meditation

Kirsten’s Website

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