EP47: Get Your Happiness On, With Author Joyce Salvo

Health, happiness and well-being are accessible to each of us; a conscious choice that we all have the ability to make. In this episode hear from holistic trainer, energy healer and author Joyce Salvo, who shares her insight, knowledge and tips about tapping into higher levels of energy and welcoming more happiness into your life.

Joyce A. Salvo CMHH, CHE, CRM

Joyce A. Salvo has been a Holistic Health Practitioner for nearly 35 years. Her education includes Certification as a Master of Holistic Healing from The Tree of Light Institute in Utah, in addition to certifications in Holistic Education, Reiki and Applied Kinesiology. The Ground Up, her private practice in Hamburg, New York, assisted thousands of clients through the years. She also owned and operated the Center for Holistic Education. The wonderful sunsets of Lake Erie were the backdrop for the array of classes and private sessions that helped so many. About 10 years ago, Joyce gave up her office on Lake Erie to do all her sessions only by phone so she could reach more people nationally and internationally with her very unique healing technique, the Avana Method. Her healing method focuses on the causes of discomfort to bring balance that promotes wellness on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. The method has become well known for quickly finding the deepest core of a person’s pain and helping them realize ultimate peace.

 Joyce is the author of the book, “Simple Answers to the Questions” and co-produced several meditative CDs. Her most recent project was to co-author a series of books called Living Life Happy, Triumph in Personal and Professional Relationships. Donald Bowman and Joyce were inspired to reach more people with the universal principles that have been so successful through the Avana Method and through Don’s years of business management. Together they hold the belief that the consciousness of the world has reached a point of desiring a better way of existence. It is the ultimate cry for peace. Within this search, there is a door that is opening for the answers and the guidance to fulfill that inner desire. The Living Life Happy book series was developed to reach everyone at every level to help them open that door. It is for the individuals that make up the teams of people that provide all of our needs on a daily basis, from the workplace to the home and social environments.   

To learn more about Joyce’s services that include personal Avana Method consultations and Living Life Happy webinars for groups, organizations and companies, visit her at www.avanamethod.com.




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