EP45: Soul Streaming Alchemy with Samaya Adelin

Samaya Adelin is an energy healer and coach who specializes in “Soul Streaming Alchemy” to help people get into alignment with their purpose and transform their lives. Hear about that and Samaya’s own transformative experience in this inspirational episode.

Samaya is a 39-year-old Soul Streaming Alchemy Coach and Energy coach based in Brighton UK where she lives with her 4-year-old son Chaska.

In 2015, during a 5-week long illness, Samaya ended up losing 95% of her hearing and a lot of her body weight, whilst on high temperatures and unable to leave her bed. Sometime during a phase of extreme pain, Samaya went into a spontaneous deep state of consciousness in which blissed out, she ended up having a life changing communication with a being that has helped her alter the course of her life.

Coming out of that illness, Samaya left her work in human rights where she worked helping her client groups find freedom and independence through her programs and systems creation, to re-training as a coach and developing her own modality Soul Streaming Alchemy.

Through her formula and 1-2-1 work, she now supports others understand the purpose, energy and mission of their soul, before helping them ground these qualities into grounded offerings, programs, courses and align their business with that soul mission.

Samaya does that by mixing her grounded experience of working for organisations in Human rights and bringing her practical expertise in program and system creation, alongside her coaching training and 10 years’ experience as a Master Healer and energy coach and of course by diving deep to her clients’ mission and purpose through soul streaming alchemy.

Soul Streaming Alchemy can be particularly good for those who at times feel too close to their gifts to see them for what they are and would like to unearth their purpose and signature energy with a bit more precision and clarity in their life and business.

She has worked with people all over the world and is looking to soon launch her 6-month Soul Streaming Alchemy Academy in a way that will help people ground their purpose, offerings and mission whilst helping them release the energy from what often presents as  unconscious sabotaging of our growth.

To connect with Samaya you can do so through:

Facebook group (women only): https://www.facebook.com/groups/soulstreamingalchemists/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Samaya-Adelin-Soul-Streaming-Alchemy-Coaching-178374028903504/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samaya_adelin

Website: www.samayaadelin.com

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