EP31: Carol Miller: Who Needs a Hug?

Carol Miller calls herself a “positivity catalyst and in this episode you can learn how to immediately bring more positivity into your life. You’ll also hear about the realization of one of Carol’s big dreams: a group trip that she’s leading this fall where “positivity activists” will be traveling together to spread hugs and good vibes throughout Croatia.

Behind Carol CC Miller’s charming smile is a driven, passionate positivity consultant with a simple mission: to empower others to fully live, love, and laugh. With those three simple words, Carol has touched millions of lives through her non-profit consultancy Positive Focus, a charity organization that has become an invaluable resource for those seeking to maximize the joy that is our birthright as human beings.

Over the course of her career in inspirational writing, communications, marketing and event management, Carol has gained a strong reputation as a creative, positive force in every life she touches, focusing intensely on the best in every individual. Carol believes in seeing love over fear, health over illness, abundance over scarcity and always peace over conflict.

With such strong convictions fueling her passion to help others, Carol leads an amazing team of dynamic and dedicated people who provide thought leadership and mind-body-spirit, service-charity and fun social events.

Along with her personal consulting practice and running Positive Focus, Carol has produced events and marketed for like-minded positive thought leaders such as Panache Desai, Gregg Braden, Lynne Twist, Gabby Bernstein, Sunny Dawn Johnston and more.

Always eager to meet new faces and see where she can help, don’t hesitate to say “hi” if you ever see her.

Check out Carol’s website and get links to info about Carol’s work, workshops and events.You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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