EP29: Anella Wetter: On Attracting Love, Abundance and the Life of Your Dreams

Is there such a thing as finding your Prince (or Princess) Charming? Anella Wetter says yes, absolutely! In this podcast and in her new book Anella describes how, after her divorce, she first described her perfect partner, then watched in near disbelief as he showed up in her life – the perfect guy at the perfect time. If there is something that you’d like to invite into your life – love, abundance or something else – you’ll enjoy this enlightening interview with Anella.

Anella Wetter, empowerment and relationship coach, has a passion for teaching women how to attract love by helping them make three, essential shifts in consciousness. Her book, Hear Me Universe: How I Deliberately Attracted the Man of My Dreams, tells her personal story of going from a divorced 40-something who, after a series of unfulfilling relationships, determined that she must look within and change her fundamental beliefs about her own worthiness. Hear Me Universe reveals Anella’s written list to the universe: the list of 100 characteristics that details her ideal match, which she wrote in 2008, the year before she attracted the man of her dreams. Anella teaches what she has learned from her own journey–three, essential shifts in consciousness that help women declare their worthiness, change their perspective, and name their ideal. Anella hold a M. Ed., is a registered yoga teacher (RYT), author, speaker, and coach. Anella conducts programs and workshops across the U.S. and online. You can find more information at her website at anellawetter.com.

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