EP28: Janna Sawyer on Tapping to Clear Money Blocks

Have you ever felt as if your energy around money is blocked? Checks are not coming in, people who you lent money to are not paying you back and in general the flow of cash just seems stalled? Believe it or not, part of the problem could be rooted in your own energy and shifting this energy can be done quickly, easily and safely using EFT or tapping.

In this experiential podcast, this week’s guest, Janna Sawyer, shares with us the basics of EFT and leads us through a session that is aimed at shifting your money blocks. Interestingly, you can apply the same techniques to helping with physical pain, anxiety, phobias and more. Here is a link to Janna’s YouTube page where she demonstrates what EFT looks like and how to properly “tap” for best results.

Janna Sawyer has been working as an energy healer for over ten years. Janna started her business, Inspirational Empowerment, in 2009. She is certified as a Tapping Into Wealth Coach, and works as an EFT, Healing Touch, Reiki, and Energy Practitioner.

A truly compassionate and gifted coach and healer, her insight and awareness help guide clients to accurately pinpoint the areas in which they are living by old patterns and default trigger responses. These patterns and responses can be the causes for the blocks clients experience when trying to move forward in life. Janna aids clients in identifying their patterns and provides the tools to work through these blocks. She strives to inspire, encourage, and empower clients to their highest potential in all areas of their lives.

One of Janna’s greatest gifts is her ability to help people help themselves. She builds confidence in her clients and gives them the tools they need to find their inner-selves. She supports clients, even if they fall, with continued love and compassion. Her gift is healing the soul.

In her Tapping Into Wealth coaching, Janna works with a specific mind, body, money connection program. This program maps out, uncovers, and clarifies the underlying blocks that are creating limiting beliefs regarding worthiness and potential for wealth in all areas of the client’s life.

Janna is grateful for the inspirational and wise mentors she has met throughout her healing journey; she would not be the person she is today without these extraordinary people in her life.

Contact Information:


Phone: 315-480-6709

Website:  https://inspirationalempowerment.life

Twitter: @janna_sawyer


2 Replies to “EP28: Janna Sawyer on Tapping to Clear Money Blocks”

  1. Really enjoyed 😊the tapping on finances. Janna seemed to have the calming, encouraging voice and words that made the experience helpful and even helpful with other blocks.
    Thanks for having her on.

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