EP10: Michele Gough – For the Love of Horses

In this episode we talk with Michele Gough, who was born and raised in England. Michele has been a published author and fashion journalist, an entrepreneur who founded several start-ups, and a top executive at the cosmetics company, Smashbox.

Michele has also been an enthusiastic student and teacher of human potential workshops, and more recently an advocate of horses and understanding the role they can play in human development. In 2011, at the height of her career with Smashbox, Michele quit. She had become disillusioned with the outdated and unsustainable beliefs in business, and after the passing of a dear friend found herself asking deeper questions about her own life, purpose and legacy.

Michele shares her story about success, and what that really means, and what happens when you decide to listen to your soul and to allow your life to take quite a different turn. You can find out more about Michele and the branding company she now owns and operates here and for more about Michele’s work with corporate clients and horses check out our blog post here.


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