Ep 95: Speaking Your Mind with Linda Ugelow

After overcoming her own fear of public speaking Linda Ugelow became a public speaking coach and launched her own television show. Hear about her journey and get valuable tips to help make your next public speaking opportunity much more fun and infinitely less stressful.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to clear out issues that are at the core of your fear
  • Visualizations and how learning this technique can train your body to relax
  • Affirmations and how to use them effectively
  • How physical movement can help you relax
  • Linda’s inspiration for starting her TV show

More About Linda

Linda Ugelow is a presentation and confidence coach who helps new and seasoned professionals overcome the fear of public speaking while communicating effortlessly and effectively across different media.

As a performer of 35 years and with a master’s degree in expressive therapies and movement studies, she’s been helping people get comfortable in their own skin for decades.

Linda is also the producer and host of the TV show Women Inspired which can be found on her website www.lindaugelow.com/shows

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