EP 91: Beauty of Conflict with CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

If you’re like most people you may avoid confrontation at all costs. Or, when faced with conflict at work or at home you may find yourself feeling anxious or worried. What if there was a new way to frame conflict – as something to be welcomed, not avoided? And what if you could learn to use conflict to make yourself, your team and even your business better?

If these sound like skills you’d like to learn more about, this episode of Ready, Set, Grit is for you.

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke are coaches, business consultants, speakers, and authors of The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage (LINK). They are passionate about giving their clients a safe space to learn how to navigate conflict and leverage it to access creativity and connection in all of their relationships, both personal and professional. For over 16 years, they have advised and inspired the world’s highest performing organizations in how to turn conflict into innovation and profit.

Now, after decades of experience in the boardroom, they move to the bedroom, guiding romantic couples through difficult conversations – both big and small – as a means for igniting dormant passion and intimacy within their relationship. Their forthcoming book is focused on helping individuals in a couple be a ME in the face of their WE. It’s a simple, realistic, and practical toolkit that encourages couples to be courageous in discussions about everything from dirty dishes to infidelity in order to revolutionize the depth their romantic connection.

CrisMarie and Susan practice what they preach – they’ve been life and business partners for over 16 years and model their own methods on a daily basis.

CrisMarie’s journey took her from Olympic rower and Boeing flight engineer to actor, painter and dancer. A Master-Certified and Mind-Body coach, CrisMarie’s mojo comes from being under the bright lights of the stage and supporting clients as they achieve their Olympic-sized dreams.

Susan started on the path of educator and coach when she was just 24 and given six months to live. Susan blasted through personal and institutional blocks to build and inspire a diverse team of healthcare practitioners to support her. A family therapist and equus coach, Susan’s mojo comes from working with horses, running in the Montana woods with her dogs, Rosie and ZuZu, and helping clients to identify the power of conflict and transform it into creativity.

In addition to companies and couples, CrisMarie and Susan support individuals through online programs, private coaching, and in-person programs in Northwest Montana. They are available for coaching, business consulting, or to speak at your next event. Contact them at thrive@thriveinc.com.

Points we discuss

  • Why avoiding conflict can mean missing out on team-building and growth opportunities
  • How we have to overcome childhood patterns to learn to embrace conflict
  • Skills that you can use to navigate conflict so that your voice is heard
  • How listening and hearing the other person can give you an advantage in conflict resolution


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