EP 90: This Girl is on Fire – with Melissa Mogdans

What do bookkeeping and fire-walking have in common? In this episode Melissa explains that fire and money are both just a reflection of energy, and that once we grasp this concept, we develop the power to change our entire experience.

Light Code Consulting is a reflection of Melissa Mogdan’s life’s philosophy – helping people to you say ‘YES’ to their dreams and reclaim their power. The zeal to establish this consulting firm came after Melissa experienced a serious medical issue in 2006. After her victory over the health challenge, she resolved to adopt non-typical methods to help people overcome life and business challenges without draining their bank account.

After 15years as a book-keeper, Melissa decided to broaden her horizon about the power of the mind and how a person’s thought and beliefs impact their experience of reality. Through special development classes, she grasps a new paradigm about how people can develop the mindset that permits them to live the life they deserve. To strengthen her knowledge about personal and business development, she attended Peggy Dylan’s Sundoor Fire Walk Instructor and Spiritual Practice Certification.

This has empowered her to engage in a series of training that is focused on how people can walk through life fearlessly and develop excellent money management skills by finding the choice in life through their fears. By utilizing the power of transformation from fire walking, as well as, other energy work.

Topics Covered:

  • Breaking free of old money habits and mindsets
  • How fire-walking can be used to massively shift energy
  • Fear and how it can be both a positive or negative force
  • How to find purpose through stillness
  • Why self-care is anything but selfish
  • How to get unstuck through minuscule actions


Connect with Melissa and Special Offer


By Phone: 815-245-1777

Special Offer: Melissa is offering a complimentary one hour coaching call. During a this call you will focus on your finances and determine your money mindset.

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