EP 87: IC Genius – A Revolutionary Way to Propel Entrepreneurs Forward

If you’re an entrepreneur you need to hear this podcast about a program that is designed to help your business to grow, and profits to rise.

I.C. Genius breaks down geographic and economic barriers, giving businesses everywhere the tools, resources and access to thrive. Learn about how this revolutionary program got its start, and how you can get involved.

You’ll hear from Visionary Co-Founders of I.C. Genius, Letty Velez and Elin Barton, as they talk about how the program was conceived, the experiences of current members, and why this is unlike anything else that currently exists. If you want your business to grow, you need some of what IC Genius offers.


In this Episode we Cover

  • Peer Advisory Boards – why you should not run a business without them
  • The biggest downfalls of entrepreneurial ventures
  • What’s offered in the Genius Program
  • Where the name comes from
  • How membership is a game-changer


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