EP 86: Purpose-Driven Business Growth with Kelly Morgan

In this episode I speak with Kelly Morgan about her transformation from 12 years of work in the world of London banking and finance to moving to Spain in pursuit of a dream to open a retreat center. She talks about going from near financial ruin to currently running one of the top retreat centers in Europe. That journey embodied a leap of faith that also embraced Kelly’s practical side. Today, that is how she works with clients – by balancing the pursuit of purpose with a grounded pragmatism.

Kelly is also an Ambassador of The Inner State, an organization that is dedicated to bringing an awareness of the importance of Inner Purpose to the educational and healthcare systems.

On Today’s Podcast We Discuss:

  • How to balance a Big Dream with Due Diligence
  • Why finding and connecting with purpose is so important
  • How to start figuring out what your purpose is
  • How to think of blocks being “on your way” not “in your way”
  • How to play hide-and-seek with your fears


Connect with Kelly



Kelly has a special offer for listeners of this podcast – please message her for details on how to get her “Create Your WonderFULL Life” training for free.


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