EP 81: Conscious Karmic Creation with Karen Baines

This week I talk with Conscious Karmic Coach Karen Baines about the power that each of us has within ourselves to manifest the exact life that we most desire.
Karen believes that everyone is capable of achieving clarity in life, resulting in revelations about your true life purpose and insights about how to achieve more abundance and fulfillment in your own life. Karen says she loves watching her clients make giant leaps forward and move to higher and higher income levels.
Listen to this episode if you suspect your relationship with money could use some work (and if you look at your bank balance and are not completely happy with what you see, that is likely the case).

Topics We Cover in this Episode

  • Common habits of top money earners
  • How to start using Conscious Karmic Creation right NOW
  • Identifying old patterns and thoughts about money and how to shift them
  • What success really means
  • Why energy matters so much

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