EP 8: Regena Garrepy – The Power of Finding Your Tribe

Regena Garrepy is a self-described “recovering good girl” who has done years of self work to find her voice and learn how to find and forge her own path in life. She now leads groups of women in several programs and popular annual retreats, and helps build community and sow the seeds of positivity, fun and a little bit of “wild child” thrown in for good measure.

In this interview Regena discusses the circumstances that led her to give up her safe job and pursue a “less traveled”‘ road, and how she discovered her life purpose along the way. She also talks about the importance of a tribe that really “gets you” and that is supportive of you reaching your aspirational goals.

Check out Regena’s site here, where you’ll find links to all of her programs and retreats and much more!

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