EP 64: Liz O’Connor on Business Strategy, Transparency and the Millennial Issue

Liz and her team at Strategy Matters help companies look objectively at the way they do things and identify parts of the process that may be broken, identifying where meaningful change can be made in ways that lead to happier employees and a more robust bottom line.

In 2000, Liz founded Strategy Matters to support organizations tackling complex societal challenges. Today she guides businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, collaboratives, and public private partnerships in carefully and custom designed processes that answer organizations’ most pressing challenges through the identification of high-impact solutions.  

With 25 years of multi-sector experience that crosses and connects issue areas, Liz works hands-on with clients while leading the Strategy Matters team.  Liz is trained in many facilitation and change methodologies including Future Search, Open Space , Technologies of Facilitation, Facilitative Leadership, and Appreciative Inquiry.  She is also skilled in convening program and grant development teams, and has a track record of success in developing proposals for many of the nation’s most competitive foundations and government programs. Additionally, Liz appreciates the opportunities embedded in conflict, and helps clients turn friction and operational difficulty into pathways to stronger teams.

Prior to founding Strategy Matters, Liz was the Deputy Director of the Office of Strategic Planning at the Boston Police Department.  She worked with senior police leaders and district commanders to design, fund, and implement innovative practices and community-based policing innovations.  Her work included the strategic planning process that engaged over 400 Boston residents and resulted in great reductions in crime citywide.  She leveraged relationships with business leaders, philanthropists, and government officials to secure support and resources for community partners working to prevent and reduce crime in Boston neighborhoods.  

Liz is an active member of the International Association of Facilitators, the Boston Facilitators Roundtable, and the Nonprofit Professionals Network. Liz holds a MA in Philosophy from the University of Washington and a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from Mount Holyoke College.


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