EP 43: Shortcut to Happy with Abbegail Eason

An expert in Heart Math™and natural treatments for better sleep and better energy overall, Abbegail transformed her own life recently when she left her long-standing career as an army nurse to become a more holistic practitioner. In this engaging episode Abbegail discusses making a major life change, taking control of your energy and she give quick and easy techniques that anyone can use to immediately raise their vibrational energy.

Abbegail Eason works with entrepreneurs and service providers to prevent burnout by creating quality sleep. She has been licensed as a Registered Nurse more than 20 years, developing in depth knowledge of the power of the heart while developing her intuition with the study clairvoyance and as a Certified HeartMath Practitioner. Trained in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), she has helped more than 1000 soldiers create restful sleep. When Abbegail experienced burnout and major depression while working overseas, she turned to holistic practices such as meditation, Ayurveda, journaling and depth work as well as seeking help from medical experts to recover. The road to burnout recovery resulted in leaving her full-time job to create a new life in harmony with her values as a holistic nurse coach. She recently moved back to the United States with her rescue dog Leo after 11 years living in Italy. She misses the pizza and prosecco, but she is once again enjoying delicious milkshakes in sunny Florida. Abbegail believes that by learning to listen to our own innate wisdom and practicing selfcompassion we can flow through our days with more ease so that we can better take care of the world.

She now leads retreats and group programs to help others practice compassionate self-care beginning with creating the sleep they crave. You can find her at www.abbegail.com

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