EP 24: Ann Campanella’s Journey with Alzheimer’s, Horses and New Life













Caring for our aging parents is not something that any of us are ever really prepared for, and Ann Campanella was no exception. While dealing with her own struggles with a series of miscarriages Ann found herself confronted with her father’s sudden death and her mother’s rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s, which Ann refers to as “the end of everything I knew.”

Ann had always been a horsewoman and a writer. When she unexpectedly found herself thrust into the role of caregiver for her mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, Ann began to document her experience in a series of journals. At the same time she was caring for her ailing mother, Ann was also involved with a struggle to get pregnant and start her own family. When her many miscarriages resulted in disappointment and heartbreak, and Ann was only able to find peace and respite with her horse, Crimson.

Ann’s memoir, Motherhood: Lost and Found chronicles the end of life, and the fragile beginnings of new life, along with the magical healing power of a very special horse.

Learn more about Ann and get links to her social media pages on her website. You can also purchase her book via this link.

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