EP 23: Lesley Wexler: Goodbye, Fear. Hello, Abundance and Joy

“Life is a kinetic wheel and requires balance of things you want to do vs. what you need to do.”

The kinetic wheel is just one of the many fascinating topics and tools you’ll hear about in this episode. Designing your own kinetic wheel means giving thoughtful action to who you are, what you need to balance your life, and how to make feeling good in your business and life easy.

Lesley Wexler talks about the kinetic wheel, building a business, finding balance and joy, and so much more in this enlightening podcast.

Here is a video that shows what Lesley means when she talks about the kinetic wheel:

Lesley is a writer, designer, intuit, and owner of 2 companies. She is here to share here experience on a journey that helped her “survive her self and survive her business.”

With over 30 years in the design and advertising field, she has experience her career from both the corporate and the entrepreneurial world. aha! Inc. Design specializes in graphic and product design, and has serviced companies for over 20 years. Many of aha! Inc. products are represented at major retail stores, including Target and Michael’s.

Heart Above™ is a new venture that aims at inspiring people to live in their essence. Lesley is s certified Reiki Master, Akashic Records channel, Psychic, Speaker and Writer, and she is currently working on a historical novel. Her company Heart Above™, brings her vision to other people, where she practices her intuitive gifts and helps others find their passion in life.

You can contact Lesley here.

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