EP 26: Sashka Hanna-Rappl: Embracing Your Inner Weirdo

Sashka Hanna-Rappl is a brand and marketing expert who loves working with “rebels, misfits, free spirits and visionaries.” When you build a brand around the very thing that makes you unique, strange or different you start attracting the right clients – members of your tribe who are perfectly suited to working with you. In this podcast you’ll learn how to reveal your own unique self to the world so that you can shine with your brightest, most vibrant light.

Sashka is a sought-after Brand Marketing Strategist powered by her full service Brand Marketing Agency BRANDSASHKA. She specializes in Branding Your Soul and helps you to Break Free Of The Marketing Mould. She works solely with Rebels, Misfits, Free-Spirits and Visionaries in the Lifestyle market. You can catch Sashka live at her annual “Mastermind Retreat in the Tyrolean Alps” or at live speaking events. She’s active online and offers unforgettable Brand Marketing Bundles to help you get your Brand Marketing on track. Contact Sashka here.

On a personal level, Sashka is a momma to three kids, wife to one husband and owned by one cat. She loves food and coffee, travelling, reading, growing and being silly – especially being excited by her friend fear…
Sashka lives by these maxims: The impossible is always possible and Thoughts become things



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