EP 2: Sean Patrick on Loving the Universe and Why You Need to Chill the F Out

Today on Ready, Set, Grit: Your Life. On Purpose we talk with Sean Patrick, who is also known as “that guy who loves the universe”.

Sean is an entrepreneur, writer, spiritual enthusiast and scholar of positive psychology. He also runs his own publishing company, That Guy’s House, does one on one coaching and has written a best-selling book that is called That Guy Who Loves the Universe.

On today’s show Sean shares the story of the Beverly Hills party that changed the course of his life, and how personal battles with anxiety and depression led him to developing one of his flagship programs, a meditation series for Milennials or for anyone who is feeling a little stressed, called Chill the F Out.

You can follow Sean on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thatguywholovestheuniverse/, and you can check out his website where you can find out about all of Sean’s programs, and reach out to him directly.