EP 17: Stephanie Blackbird – On Authenticity

Health and wellness coach and network marketing powerhouse Stephanie Blackbird talks about the power of authenticity – the art of simply being yourself – whether you’re selling a product or simply connecting with and trying to help others.

Stephanie has recently launched a movement of inspired, motivated change agents called Very Inspired People. She is a network marketing guru and is working on her first podcast series and book about true stories from the trenches of network marketing. Follow Stephanie on Facebook and also check out her Very Inspired People page.

In the podcast Stephanie mentions several books, talks and other resources. Here are the links:

VIDEO: Simon Sinek’s TED Talk

VIDEO: Emoto’s Water Experiment

VIDEO: The Art of Being Yourself

The Miracle Morning

Big Magic

The Universe Has Your Back

Untethered Soul


A Year of Living Consciously

Meet Your Soul


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