EP 16: David Reichelt – 41th Time is the Charm

David Reichelt played many roles before hitting it big in the app world. He was a medic in the military, a videographer, and a magician before teaching himself about graphic design and app development. Once he learned about apps he felt that was his calling and sold off his video production equipment to help fund his new venture. The first 40 games that David made didn’t do so well but then he hit the jackpot on his 41st attempt with the super-popular game, Color Switch. That app has been downloaded more than 150 million times and changed everything for David.

In this podcast we talk to David about his story, his life philosophy and that thing that kept him going through 40 failed attempts at greatness.

In the podcast David recommends two books: The Art of Game Design and Thinkertoys.

You can follow David on Twitter and Instagram.



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