EP 14: Alicia Marie – Living By Design

Do you ever feel stuck or out of control of the direction your life is going in? Not being in tune with and aware of the power of your emotions could be to blame.

Alicia Marie, founder and Managing Director of People Biz Inc, talks with us about one of the key indicators of success, emotional intelligence and how to develop this skill to build the life you really want.

Emotional intelligence is something that can be elusive for most¬†people, but it’s impossible to get to an experience of authenticity and purpose without first embracing the concepts. In this episode, internationally respected business and wellness coach Alicia Marie breaks down her process into easily followed steps.

Find out more about Alicia and her business where she coaches business professionals from solopreneurs to high level executives and corporate teams. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.


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