EP 11: Sue Morreale’s Story: From Cancer Comes Community

The last thing that Sue Morreale ever expected to hear from her doctor was that she had breast cancer, but that was exactly what she experienced, more than a decade ago. Now cancer free for 10+ years, Sue and her daughter Ciara co-own and operate a store in Buffalo called Her Story, and the shop has become a place for women to come and gather and heal, with a real community growing up around Sue and her message of inner beauty and personal empowerment.

All of the items in Sue’s store are selected with conscientious shopping in mind, and most are made by women for women and have some kind of healing or empowering component. But somehow Sue and her daughter have taken all of this and have turned it into a cool and funky destination, a place where you can just feel the glow.

In this podcast Sue shares her story and tells how she has helped to develop a community of women who are now sharing their stories to support and help one another. Find out more about Sue, her story and shop her merchandise here.

2 Replies to “EP 11: Sue Morreale’s Story: From Cancer Comes Community”

  1. Inspirational and uplifting! I’m a good friend of her parents. I would list faith, family, friendships, &
    FORTITUDE as important factors in dealing with life.

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